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Empowering Teens Amidst Crisis: A Call for Support

Introduction: In the midst of the ongoing crisis in Israel, Gisha Center stands strong, offering support to families and teenagers facing unique challenges. Our community takes pride in the strength of our teenagers, who navigate their world without access to computers or excessive media. To continue empowering these resilient teens, we are on a mission to raise 250,000 ILS. Join us in making a difference in their lives.

Our Mission: At Gisha Center, we are dedicated to empowering teenagers by providing resilience workshops and distributing 50,000 specially curated activity books. These resources offer moments of relaxation, creativity, and learning, tailored to the unique needs of our teens. Your support enables us to continue these vital initiatives.

Your Support Matters: We invite you to contribute to our mission. Your donation, regardless of its size, directly impacts these families and teenagers. With a secure tax ID number in the USA, your contributions are transparent and accountable. Together, we can provide these teens with the tools they need to thrive in the face of adversity.

How You Can Make a Difference: Join us in celebrating the strength and resilience of our teenagers. Your support provides them with the resources to learn, create, and grow without the distractions of modern media. Together, as a united community, we can empower these families, fostering an environment where our teens can flourish despite the challenges they face.

Conclusion: In times of crisis, our unity and determination shine brightly. With your generosity, we can reach our goal of 250,000 ILS, providing our teenagers with the resources they need to thrive. Thank you for your support, your understanding, and your belief in the potential of our youth. Together, we can create a future where our teens continue to shine, unburdened by excessive media, and full of promise and creativity.

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